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The vision of Collier Elementary is to utilize technological devices to enhance "anywhere, anytime" student learning. Classroom uses include watching assigned videos, Office 365, Accelerated Reader, eBooks, collaborating with peers, educational apps, research, Schoology and more.
All students are provided a Chromebook and personalized log in to use to complete classroom assignments. 

Suggested Educational Apps

Please install the following two apps if they are available for your device. Other apps may be suggested by your teacher at a later date.

Please find below a list of FREE teacher suggested educational apps that your child may be interested in downloading. The following list of apps is a starting point. Your child's teachers might have an updated list and please feel free to make suggestions. In the ever changing world of technology, it is quite difficult to stay up on all the new apps. Your suggestions are welcome. Just send a note to your child's teacher.

Media Specialist for ALL grades: Destiny Quest, Edmodo, Follett e-Reader, Story Creator, Accelerated Reader, QR Scanner, Find My iPhone (Location Services Turned On), Story Lines for Schools, What Word Is It, My Math App, I Like Reading

5th Grade: BrainPOP Featured Movie, any Dictionary/Thesaurus app, any Multiplication Facts practice app, Splash Math Grade 5, National Geographic for Kids Magazine, Google Earth, Space Place Prime (NASA), Science 360, Order the Boxes

4th Grade: Grammaropolis, any Math Fact Practice app, iLearn: Continents and Oceans, Order the Boxes, Science 360, Sound Uncovered (Exploratorium), National Geographic for Kids Magazine, BrainPOP Movie of the Week

3rd Grade: Sushi Monster (Scholastic), any Math Fact Practice app, Science 360, BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

2nd Grade: Miss Spider lite, Splash Math, Phonics 2nd, Phonics Tic Tac Toe, Math Works, Ranger Rick, k12 Timed Reading, Abby, Dino Kids Math, Peter Pig, BrainPOP Movie of the Week

1st Grade: Fun Rhyming, Math Bug, Phonics and Vowels, Moxie Math, BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

Kindergarten: Miss Spider, Flash Cards, Handwriting without Tears, Hungry Fish, Math Bingo, Splash Math Kindergarten, Tally Tots, Toontastic, Feltboard, Intro to Letters, ABC Pocket Phonics, ABC Trace, BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week



Please contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Hamilton (Technology Teacher) at